Worst 3 OTPs with Remyfool!

So. The last day of the year and the last post of my collaboration series. This ones probably going to receive some hate mail, so I decided to give a disclaimer.
*These are my choices alone! No one is forcing you to accept them , so… read at your own risk*
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Okay, so let me begin. This was kind of a hard post to write since I didn’t really care who the characters ended up with ( They aren’t there for me anyway, so what was the point?)
Image result for sinking ship manga


Image result for haruhi tamaki
See, this is the reason for future hate mail!
Image result for haruhi tamaki
Yes yes. They look so cute together I know!


I don’t particularly hate them together. It’s just… well, it’s complicated.(Hehe. Always wanted to say that)
Ouran High School Host Club is one of the best comedy manga I have ever read. Tamaki’s attitude with Haruhi made it that way, but Haruhi x Tamaki was a little too predictable for me and I love tragic romances(Yes. I’m evil that way…)
Also Kaoru is kind of cool too. I would have liked that ship better… I mean he gave his love away so Hikaru could have a better chance! How much more caring do you want a person to be???



Image result for arima kousei and miyazono kaori
That never happened. Did it??
Image result for arima kousei and miyazono kaori


Okay. This one never sailed for obvious reasons ( you know, death and all). But Arima never confessed either so technically it never happened. Thank GOD!
I confess. This is here only because I have a soft spot for Tsubaki. Her love was unrequited and so sad!
So why do people keep shipping these two?! I mean, Come on! She lied saying she was in love with Arima’s best friend to get close to him. What is wrong with you woman! Also the fact that she loved him romantically- I don’t buy it. Idolized him maybe but romantic interest? Nope. No. Nada. No way. I won’t accept it.



Image result for fly high meru and ruka
He’s talking about kissing…
Image result for fly high meru and ruka
I actually kind of like Ruka…


I like Ruka. And they aren’t a pair. It was an open ending but a lot of discussions online ship Meru and Ruka.
Ichiya Aizawa is so much cooler!!!!! He’s strong, he’s swag, he’s villainous and he’s Aizawa for God’s sake!
Meru and Aizawa are so perfect! Look, Look-

Image result for fly high meru and aizawa
They fit so well!
Related image
Fighting over clueless Meru…



Thanks for reading! What are your takes? Let us know in the comments.
Remyfool, it’s been fun! Let’s try this out more often!



16 thoughts on “Worst 3 OTPs with Remyfool!

  1. Oops, I’m sorry I picked a topic that was hard for you to write about ;__;

    Still, it was nice reading about couples towards which you had a vague sense of regret.

    This collab was fun! We should try it again sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

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