Top 3 One shots with Remyfool!

Time for Day 2! Check out My list here! and  Remyfool’s list here!
Well today’s topic is top three one-shots and after quite a lot of thinking I ended up with these three. I apologize for the repetition with my previous posts once again, because I don’t read a lot many one-shots! I also didn’t like them as much as series so…


Image result for world end garden manga

Image result for world end garden manga
LIFE isn’t precious?
Related image
No. No it’s not okay.
The story is about a girl who gave up all will to live after her parents’ death in an avalanche. She(Tete) goes off to the cold wilderness to die but she meets an ice/ snow spirit who starts to take care of her and brings back her will and hope.
It’s a very touching story and changes your view on life. The spirit’s feelings and Tete’s feelings are easy to understand and sympathize with.
Image result for Tsuki to Himawari
Image result for Tsuki to Himawari
Asahi-kun is a carefree junior-high student, never attaching to girls even though he enjoys going with them. But when the school’s number 1 honor student Mitsuki “cyborg” Konno asked him to a 1-month date, in exchange for the front row ticket to his favorite singer’s concert, he was forced to accept. He only has to show her what it feels like to date, right? He is ready for that…however, what he’s not prepared for was his heart’s reaction…
I liked this one even though it was cliché. It shows that enjoying life is the only thing to do. You don’t have to be dying in the next two months to enjoy your life!
Also, that people’s feelings blossom like sunflowers and don’t strike like lightening…
Tragedy just there.
Koe no Katachi 0
Yeah. And then you loved her.
Koe no Katachi 0
And that’s no fault of yours!!!!
Image result for koe no katachi one shot

Koe no Katachi is a famous manga series and anime about a deaf girl and a boy who used to bully her. It deals with themes like bullying, disabilities, guilt, suicide, forgiving and love. All in under a 100 pages. Now read that list again.

It was actually published as an one-shot before being serialized…
There are three requirement before starting this one-shot-
> Forget your own difficulties.
> Sit alone.
> Carry a pack of tissues.

It’s a truly beautiful story and it deserves to be popularized both one-shot and manga! It’s one of my most favorite one-shot and I hope you guys give it a try!

So what about your picks? Let me know in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Top 3 One shots with Remyfool!

  1. I’ve yet to read the other one-shots, but I did read Koe no Katachi’s one-shot and its serialization. They are both so good. I still get really sad thinking about it.

    Thanks for sharing! On to day three, yay!

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  2. How did I not know about Koe no Katashi? It seems like such a heartbreaking story! World End Garden too! I definitely need to read those two. I was not really sold on Tsuki to Himawari, which is weird because I’ve read quite a few mangas by Tanaka Meca and really enjoyed them…

    I hope you guys do more collabs in the future ^^ They’re pretty cool!

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