Top Three Tomboys with Remyfool!

Yes! It’s my first ever collaboration post and I’m doing it with a blogger I admire- Remyfool . Check out his picks here!

When I started thinking about who to pick my mind went blank! It looks like my picks might become repetitive with the other topics we decided on.(I’m SORRY Nobara!*weep*)

Image result for mogami kyoko worried
Where should I escape now?!


Well here goes nothing. Perhaps I’ve mentioned these three in my previous posts… but still-



Image result for masaki ice revolution
Image result for masaki ice revolution
Yes there is!



Well Masaki wants to be more girly but everything from the way she’s brought up to the way she walks screams rough! I really love her and the way she revolutionarises (is that a word?) was wonderful!

She’s strong and fun to be around . She makes friends easily and can be very funny. At the same time she feels the way she is now won’t do and tries to change(I didn’t quite agree with that to be honest…) Still, her tomboyish charms get her third place in my hard to choose list!


Image result for aoba cross game
Go for it Ace!!


Related image


I only recently started this manga and I’m only halfway through it, but Aoba is one of the characters that really left a good impression on me.
She’s kind of rude and doesn’t tell her feelings very openly, but she is caring in her own way!
Like she teaches Kou to pitch because Wakaba (sis) asked her to. She is said to change openly in front of people and cares more for food than love. She is made to pitch till she faints by a coach and yet she doesn’t give up or complain.
At the end all I want to say is that Aoba-chan is an amazing character !

Image result for aoba cross game manga
Young Aoba.
Related image
Thinking of Wakana….


On another note, I wonder if Kou and Aoba are a thing? Because Kou seems to like her…




Image result for mafuyu kurosaki
Be invincible!


Image result for mafuyu kurosaki manly

I don’t actually know whether Mafuyu can be considered a tomboy…j


Much like Masaki, she too wants to be girly. Mafuyu tries to act like a girly girl but her image of that is well…. a bit off.

Image result for mafuyu kurosaki manly
*shake head*

Mafuyu gets along better with guys than girls. She was the banchou of her previous school and physically strong.( Not smart though….*sweat drop*)
Oh well, Mafuyu has several amazing qualities ignoring her stupidity and over reactions. She’s loyal, she’s a natural leader and she’s compassionate. Did I mention strong? That too.


Related image
If you were a guy- I’d be blessed for life!
Image result for mafuyu kurosaki manly
No… Even now, I admire and love you!

I adore Mafuyu!!!!
That’s it for my picks.


Well what about you guys? Do you agree with my choices? Drop a comment!

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