ICE REVOLUTION: A manga about ice skating


It’s been quite a while since my last post! My week was spent browsing through new blogs and new perspectives since my exams were going on and I just didn’t get enough will to write a review or whatever.(My math exam was not so great and the next one- Sanskrit- is on Wednesday. )
Lately I’m hearing of Yuri on Ice a lot and to my absolute dismay- there’s no manga of the same! But ice skating reminded me of a series I read some time last year….

Name: Ice Revolution
Author: Tsutsumi Aya
Status: Completed
Length: 11 Chapters(Short as far as manga goes)
My rating: 8/10
Brief summary:

Being the daughter of a dojo manager, Oosawa Masaki has been practicing nothing but karate. Her chance encounter with a certain young man sparks her interest in figure skating. Can a mannish Masaki transform into a sweet, lovely girl on the skating ring?
– Summary from

My take: I personally have mixed opinions of this manga series. It starts of with Masaki seen as a guy by everyone and well, it’s like she hates it.
I mean at first I was a bit offended. I learn Tae-kwon-do! I’m not considered as a guy by random people( My friends are a different story altogether)! Just because a girl does martial arts doesn’t mean-
Then I read a bit more and realize it was because of the way she was brought up by her dad (Mom passed away.) as a guy.( A bit Fly high! here?) . This misunderstanding soon got cleared and I had nothing but good opinions about this manga.

Image result for ice revolution fight saaya
You go Masaki!
Image result for ice revolution masaki fight saaya


The fight scene in the middle was also, much to my pleasure, enjoyable. I liked the way Masaki’s character was realistic and how she felt jealous as well as guilty of the same things. She exchanges a few harsh words with her partner in practice – Saaya and tries taking it back as well.

Image result for ice revolution

Both the female characters in this story were strong in their own way and that is amazing. Masaki is physically strong but has her wavering moments. Saaya, though she doesn’t come out as strong character at first also is exceptionally strong willed as well mentally stable.

The pictures for the skating performances were also pretty!

Image result for ice revolution
Elegant Saaya-chan!
Image result for ice revolution
Pretty Art!!


Image result for ice revolution fight
I don’t think I can punch like THAT!!

So then, what WAS my problem? The skating sequences. In both the major skating procedures(?) Masaki falls and then gets up and continues. Why?! I mean, the first time fine. I can understand. But the second time? The skating test? The practice? Why?!
Maybe the author was trying to show how Masaki is the ‘never give up ‘ sort, but still I was hoping so much- SO much- that her last performance would finish smoothly!

Then there was Kaoru. Bro. Seriously? He was the reason for Masaki even taking up ice skating and he barely has any screen time! Even the time he IS there – it was mostly when he still thought Masaki was a guy.

Another problem I had was that the ending was sort of loose. Like there were a lot of hanging ends, but at the same time I guess I still felt it suited. I thought about it but I cant seem to think of any other endings so *shrugs*.

I guess the pros of the manga definitely outweigh the cons and I’ll stick to my review of 8/10.
A good manga – have a try, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s short and the art is bea-uti-ful~

Image result for ice revolution masaki saaya
… I’m not even going to-

18 thoughts on “ICE REVOLUTION: A manga about ice skating

  1. You pretty much can’t escape Yuri on Ice, nearly every blog I follow that deals with Anime has had some kind of post about (and yet Inhave still not watched it, but I am planning to 😀) The Art for this manga looks very cool. It is not my usual cup of tea (but then again neither is Yuri on ice), but who knows maybe after seeing the show I will become addicted to ice skating as well 😂 Great post!

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      1. I think I can relate to Saaya the most. I’m a tryhard perfectionist at heart that sucks at communication.
        Oh, wow, I’d love to do one with you! This is so exciting!
        Sorry that it took so long to get back to you, by the way. Busy day.

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          1. Hah, I spent all day trying to think of 5 interesting top 3 lists. I’ve yet to do a top anything list, but I’m rearing to try!

            How about top 3 tomboys in anime, top 3 one-shots, top 3 cool old dudes, top 3 funniest manga, and worst 3 OTPs?

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              1. Topics are fine, right? I feel bad for picking all of them so let me know if you want to change some!
                I’ll go first, then~ I’ll have it done before today ends. And yes, we’ll go by the listed order unless you want to revise some of the topics.

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