We were in the same place at the same time
The rest have left but you’ve stayed behind.
Where I stand but not to keep me company.
I don’t want to leave. Not for you. Not for me.

Doesn’t stop you. Never did.
I beg you. Farewell when shall you bid?
All I want is to let me be,
Thinking and pondering are not for me.
Mind keep quiet! I shall yell
And yet my freedom you won’t sell.

You think me a prisoner to help set free.
Don’t you know? These shackles are for me.
Who? How? When and Why?
Let me live, you’re helping me die!

Forgotten. Not forgiven. Dead but yet alive.
You want me to say I will strive,
Even though I swear here is fine.
Ignorance is bliss. Not knowing divine.
I refuse your attempts to make me ‘see’
For what you look at is different for me.

You look forward walking future.
I live the past- wanting to meet Her.

I am frozen, they have gone their way,
And yet you seem to vow me to slay.
Their path is not for me as well.
And I know that on things of past I cannot dwell.
You tried so hard to pull me up to a stand
But I’m weary. I’ve gone beyond into the time of sand.

It is a picture of a mirror.
Me on one side. You on the other.
You banging hard and loud all the while.
All I can offer is an age old smile.


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