Top 3 Funniest Manga with Remyfool

Onto Day 4! Today’s topic, a fairly direct one, is ‘Top 3 Funniest Manga’. Check out our previous posts here-
Day 1– Top 3 Tomboys: Remfool’s Picks and  My picks
Day 2– Top 3 One shots: Remyfool’s choices and My choices
Day 3 – Top 3 Cool Old Dudes: Remyfool’s Top three and My top three
Day 4- Top 3 Funniest Manga: Remyfool’s choices

Today’s topic is direct but not easy to pick, if you get what I mean. There are so many manga that I laugh my head off reading but now that I have to choose three…

1.SKIP BEAT- Yoshiki Nakamura

Image result for skip beat manga funny


This manga is crazy! It makes me laugh how many ever times I read it and the jokes are tame too. Every character is weird in their own way bringing in a vast range of humour. Kyoko’s over reaction, Moko’s under reactions, Hiei’s tsundere-ness, Ren’s amazing yet hilarious killer smile, President’s stupidity, I can go on and on…


It’s really too funny and well you just have to give it a try…


Image result for horimiya funny

Who’s the unlucky one????

Image result for horimiya funny

Hori is such a yandere…


Horimiya’s another really funny manga. It’s romance and school life and people would find it boring but, lord! Is it funny or what! I adore Hori-san and Miyamura-kun!
I highly recommend the manga for anyone looking for a light comedy without much suspense.

Image result for horimiya funny

Discussing love.




Image result for haikyuu funnyImage result for haikyuu funny

Image result for haikyuu funny



Sorry about the tons of photos, but didn’t know how else to show the jokes… Haikyuu has its serious , nerve wracking moments but it has just enough humour as well. Also the fact that I’m a bit biased to Haikyuu does help..(*hehehe*)

It’s the funniest anime hands down. The characters just have a knack of making me grin… Doesn’t help me when I’m reading Haikyuu when I’m supposed to be studying…..
( Me: *grin*
Mom: What are you reading? I’m sure you cant find your physics assignment that amusing….)
Anyway,  its a manga that deserves to be laughed for, so be sure to check it out.


Others that were oh-so-close:  Oresama Teacher, Fly High and Kuroko no Basuke.

So what do you guys think? Which are your favourites? Do let me know! Bye then!

Oh right- I finally started Yuri on Ice AND Tokyo Crazy Paradise. Looks like I have quite some work to do…..







22 thoughts on “Top 3 Funniest Manga with Remyfool

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  2. I’ve heard great things about Skip Beat and Haikyuu! I’ll just have to binge watch Haikyuu and YOI alongside you!
    Horimiya was a close 4th for me. Aaaa who’s your favorite character in Horimiya? I really like Sawada and Hori’s father!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I could not stop laughing at all the Haikyuu pics, especially that last one! If I had to guess, the adults would have to be Daichi and Suga since they are the Team’s Dad and Mom lol

    I love all of these choices!!

    Liked by 1 person

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