Sayonara Football and my particular affiliation to it.

Another manga written by Arakawa Naoshi ( Author of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso- Your Lie in April). A tangentially different story and plot from the previous work which dealt music and tragedy….

Genre: School Life , Humour, Sport, Gender Bender( only for a couple of chapters)
Rating: 9/10 ( Definitely wanted it a bit more longer!)

First off beautiful art! Then the story- A girl called Onda is a super ace at football, the only problem being the guys think that football isn’t a female sport and so she cant join the guy’s team. There are too less people to make a girls’ team so she struggles to join the only team there.
It’s a short story with only eight chapters but it deals with growing up, hard work, romance to an extant and struggles of a girl in a “boy” sport.

Personally I associated with the manga a little too much. Growing up, all my friends were guys and I was the tallest back then. Now, however, all of them are much taller than me , leaving me behind (in Onda’s words). They are like family, what with growing up together and knowing them for seven years!
Though my friends don’t directly say it out the feeling that I must be a bit careful because I’m a girl is always there.
There were times I wished that I was a boy too… However there are some of my friends who don’t treat me any different to  boy and I appreciate it. A lot. It means so much to me that I can stay with them without inhibitions just the way we were before.

I may not play football professionally but in all other aspects I fit in with Onda- one girl friend and all other friends are guys, a bit hot tempered, and living in the past, hoping things stay same.

So, I really loved this manga series but I’m not sure if others would rate it as highly! I suggest a try though.
The things that might be a put off factor- shows only one official match, concentrates more on the sport than any real character development and the flashbacks come out of nowhere!

Image result for sayonara football
Whoop! Roulette!


Related image
Ahh.. Beautiful art!


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Related image
Yup! She is… Oh right another thing not so similar between us- I’m lazy…..
Image result for sayonara football
I want to play that well!!
Image result for sayonara football
I wish.. I could play football….

3 thoughts on “Sayonara Football and my particular affiliation to it.

  1. This looks like a cute series! 🙂 I’ve never really tried any sports manga, but I probably should seeing as it’s getting so popular 🙂
    And thanks for nominating me for the Blogger Awards, by the way! 🙂 that’s so kind of you. I never even realised there were fancy awards like that! ☺️

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