Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

One of the most well written manga whose anime also does justice to this beautiful series. The more well known title perhaps is Your Lie in April…..
Author:  Arakawa Naoshi
Genre: Tragedy, Music, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
Rating: 9.8/10 (Manga) 10/10(Anime)

What can I say? I’ve been recommending this anime to a lot of people recently and I am so glad that they all said they’ll try it out… One of the few mangas where I liked the anime more than the manga itself, but then again it IS about music and you can only get the effect when you listen to the songs, right?

The story (briefly) is about a boy of name Arima Kyousei who is a piano prodigy but refuses to play the piano. It traces the past of why he refuses to play the piano and its bittersweet connections to him as well as the  present day struggles he faces. He meets a violinist under cherry blossoms and she begins to work her magic( just a figure of speech, no supernatural powers in this one!) on him and changes the way he sees the world.

The story also concentrates shortly about all characters in it- his childhood friends, his piano accomplices(?) and his aunt.
While I generally avoid love triangles(the guy I support is most certainly not the one) , in Your Lie in April(English name) it was a completely new angle and it was heartrending! To be honest Tsubaki’s arc made me cry just as much as Kyousei’s. I felt for her and her dense ways touched me.
To me Kaori was an expected twist but Tsubaki’s story brought out more feels.

It is a beautifully woven story and I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed every  single bit of it- the animation, the art, the story,  character development and the music.

I give it a solid ten and bet it’ll make you cry( or a bit sad, if you’re really, really hardcore…)
My next review (hopefully) will be about the other tragedy manga Koe No Katachi and then Sayonara Football!

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Haha! I want to try that out!




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Sorry Watari! Since I didn’t mention you- a solo pic!
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Hurry Hurry!
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Well? What are you waiting for? The 22 episodes are waiting!



23 thoughts on “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

  1. Blondie’s story isn’t all that sad. The main character’s is. On top of that he fell in love with his best friend’s girl. Sad, sad anime, definately worth the watch. My eyes were watery during the whole thing. I wanna see the Japanese live action movie, and in 2018 they’re making an American adaption 😉

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  2. An American version sounds awesome! I’m on ep. 10 I think. Know how it ends. Not looking forward to it.

    Could you, perhaps, do a post on Furuba? (Fruits Basket). I love that series! If you haven’t read it, do! Read the manga, it’s better than the anime.

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    1. Sure! I’m doing cross game now.. but I’ll read it next.. it has been on my list for a while now!
      Also, even if you DO know the ending( I kind of suspected it) watch the rest when you have time- it’s kind of fun!


  3. This was the first anime I watched this year and the first I reviewed on my blog (which means it’s probably my weakest review 😦 ). It brought me back into anime after I had gone a long time without paying much attention, because it was the first one that made realize how incredible anime could be.

    I’m like one of those “hardcore” people. Maybe not hardcore but very far from emotional, but that all changed after Your lie in April. I had never shed tears for an anime before. This one broke me, but I recognized it for the beautiful story that it was and it’s probably my favorite now. I forced my wife to watch it with me again even though she knew it would be sad. She got upset with me afterward but I know she secretly loved it.

    I agree that the anime is better than the manga, though the manga does have some really great art. The anime follows it pretty much chapter for chapter, but the music makes all the difference. I’m probably going to re watch this coming April!

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  4. I watched this series about a year ago and this was one of the first anime to really make me shed tears. Everything from the art to the English voice acting, to the classical music amazed me. 😀

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