By The Roadside

By the roadside,
under the streetlight, I stand.
Waiting, waiting patiently for them.
By the roadside I stand,
under the streetlight,
the watch ticking on my hand.
Suddenly, the light starts to flicker
and doubt creeps into my mind.
On and Off.
On and Off.
Everytime it goes off,
I expect them to be standing there.
And whenever it comes on,
all I’m greeted with is
cold air and an empty street.
On and Off.
on and Off.
Another second.
Another minute.
Another hour.
On and Off.
On and Off.
Finally the light goes off
like the snuffing out of an amber light.
That’s when the tears come
And I stand
by the roadside
under the streetlight
sobbing softly, quietly.
Then you came
with the candle
of your smile
and led me back into the light.
That’s how I left,
holding your hand.

9 thoughts on “By The Roadside

        1. Thinking back, its only because of that did I get to became such close friends, so I don’t particularly mind!

          Also, could you lease help me out with a thing? I want the literature posts to only appear on the literature page and not the home page… but I’m not able to do that as a blog… is it ok if I make it a page like my artwork?
          Also my pictures are overlapping on the sidebar and its really annoying me( I have a slight case of OCD… XD)
          I want them to be neat like the way your blog comes out………….


          1. Ah, now I must remember how to edit pages again xD
            I am still fairly clueless about home pages :/
            Whenever I write a new post, I press the sticky icon at the top of the screen whilst editing it, so it appears at the top of my home page. Then, if I post something I don’t want to show up, I don’t make it sticky, then it won’t show up πŸ™‚
            That’s probably not the smartest way to do it, but that’s how I manage πŸ™‚
            Yeah, then you should make a literature page so that everyone can still access them easily without scrolling past all the sticky posts πŸ™‚
            That sidebar issue sounds really annoying >_< I'm afraid I'm not too sure how to fix that. I always google my WordPress problems; it could just be that the picture widget doesn't agree with your theme, so you either change your theme or relocate the images so they are somewhere else :S
            A lot of problems require going into the websites HTML coding and adding extra codes, but I still need to learn how to do that xD

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I know! HTML is such a pain! I got the sidebar thing though……… Apparently all I need to do was reduce the pic size.. (*rolls eyes*) Who knew?
              Thanks for your time! I decided to forget about the separate page however since I need to copy the post and paste it every time a new one comes up…
              Let the people who read figure out the mess huh?

              Liked by 1 person

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