Two Sides of The Same Coin

Broken glass and sparkling light.
Solemn face and earnest eyes

A fluttering heart.
A broken will.
Lost hopes and unfound dreams.
A silent melody in the midst

of fire, ash and burning mist.
A beam of light in the sea.
Sudden snow and pretty rain.
Wonder why and cry again.
A trembling hand.
A shivering form.
Sun in sky and birds in flight.
Dark clouds.
An un-pretty sight.
The world sleeping.
Someone weeping.
A beat of wings, a silent night.
Somehow. Somewhere. Sometime right.
A muffled cry.
Another lie.
Blood red. Skin brown.
Hair black. Fallen down.
Broken girl in a broken world.

Forgotten resolve. Lost courage.
A dead bird in an open cage.

Love lost. Found rage.
One wing. Two lands.
A fallen angel.
A supressed hate.
Maze of emotions. Ocean of tears.
A twisted mind is what is here.
Bright flowers. Grey tombstones.
On her knees. Alone again.
A final reality.

A fate of pain.
Un -existing choice. False promises.

Life. Death. What are they but
two sides of the same coin.


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