My first ever award! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!


Rules for the Nomination

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Give a brief history on your blog and how it started
  • Give two tips to new bloggers
  • Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers


Nominated by- ZBOUDRIE

Not just because of the rules but because I also mean it- THANK YOU!!!!!
The blog is called ‘ Let’s talk Anime’ and is one the first few blogs I started to follow!
It’s real fun to read and I love the reviews!
Here’s a link- Let’s Talk Anime

A brief history of Manga Toritsukareru Koto!
When I first saw ‘history of’ I found myself grinning. My blog is a fairly recent one- who am I kidding- very recent one! This is the fourth month of my blogging though technically I only started blogging two and a half months ago- in October…
(My first post-Top 10 male characters) I still remember how I kept checking on my first post every hour or so!

When I was just toying with the idea of starting with the blog, the only thing I knew was the name- Manga Toritsukareru koto- which means ‘obsession with manga’. At first I had thought to perhaps make it a private blog, but changed my mind soon enough.
I’m new to blogging but the community I hoped to be part of is a welcoming and wonderful one! The age difference( I soon found out) didn’t affect anything.

There isn’t any particular reason I started this blog… I wanted to actually record all the manga I read and my opinions on it but soon enough it started to include artwork, literature and reviews.
So I guess this was one of my better decisions and hope that I update frequently too!
I also wanted to know which manga people read and what genres they like just to expand the plethora of my tastes!

Tips to newcomers
Like I said, I’m pretty new to this myself, but well why not?

  1. Reply, Comment and Mingle
    I think one of the things that distinguishes you from the others would be to reply to all your comments, comment on others posts/ like them and make friends. I understand that this might not be possible once you have a bunch of followers but I know a few bloggers who still do that and its amazing.
    I don’t mean an instant reply or something like that because you may be in different time zones and stuff, but replying to them at one point or the other according to me , is kind of awesome. Till now every single blog I follow has always replied to comments, been open to questions and suggestions!
  2. Give your posts a personal slant
    I know poems and stories are exceptions here but what I meant was like reviews and stuff…
    If you link things to each other the posts become better , like it kind of changes the perspective and I think that’s more interesting to read.


Nominees by me


  1. Wow, somehow I missed this. I didn’t receive a notification, I think.

    Congratulations on the award nomination! c:

    You gave solid advice and I’m glad that you started and stuck with blogging! The community is very nice~

    I hope to read more about your thoughts on manga and art… and conventions! Here’s to hoping the next one doesn’t leave you feeling sick ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for nominating me, by the way. But I have already written up a post for the Blogger Recognition Award not too long ago.

      But since you had nominated me before I wrote said post, I’m going to have to edit it to thank you properly. Thanks once again!

      Liked by 1 person

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