So these days I’ve been going through quite a few one-shots and thought I’d introduce a couple of them. Here’s my very first one (I read just yesterday)- World End Garden by Shiina Dai-sama!


The story is about a girl who gave up all will to live after her parents’ death in an avalanche. She(Tete) goes off to the cold wilderness to die but she meets an ice/ snow spirit who starts to take care of her and brings back her will and hope.
I liked this one not only for its beautiful story and art but also because it was more similar to poetry than ever and I love poetry!

Image result for world end garden manga

  Image result for world end garden manga
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This oneshot is written by one of my favourite authors of all time- Minami sensei. It’s a short sweet story about a girl and her friend and how love bloomed between them.
A pretty normal story, so why is this on my list? I like the way the character’s emotions are put forward and of course, Minami sensei’s artwork makes my day. Definitely not a waste of time(extremely short) and makes a good read.
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Twilight Hour 0
Twilight Hour 0
Another oneshot by Minami sensei about a shy girl who can’t sing in front of people

It’ sweet and appeared in the first volume of Special A (A really funny and nice manga btw). In the end she finally sings with the help of a violinist.
Sorry I couldn’t find more pics!!! My manga sites weren’t loading(curse them and my tacky modem) Anyway, I hope you try these out- good timepass for those of you who don’t want long series but need manga to read!

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  1. I am glad I found your blog. I am impressed of the Manga series I am just about to order the film “When Marnie was there ” produced by Studio Ghibli. It’s one of my favorite children’s books and I admire Studio Ghibli. Totoro is much liked in Sweden

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