Oresama Teacher

Oresama Teacher is one of the first manga that I have read. And it is really good! It’s a bit disappointing that many people don’t know about this manga…..Artist and genre:The manga is by Izumi Tsubaki sensei and mainly comedy.

Plot and story in brief: The story revolves around a high school girl Mafuyu Kurosaki who gets expelled from her old school because she was caught fighting.
Warned by her mother that she would be disowned if she didn’t change her wayward ways, Mafuyu is packed off to a far off boarding school.
She vows to never fight again and to become more ‘girly’ (don’t see why someone would) but the very first day of her transferring she sees a guy getting mugged. After some contemplation, she goes and helps him by beating up the thieves.
Here’s where the fun starts. The guy who she saved is not only detestable, annoying and selfish, but he ends up being Mafuyu’s homeroom teacher!
That’s where we let go off logic and typical shojo leads and warm up to Takaomi-kun and Mafuyu! (For more about Takaomi-kun read my post on top 10 male characters)

Rating: 9/ 10.
The story is funny, the girls are strong – both my preferable traits for a time pass story. The only thing is that LATE UPDATES!!! Oh right. It’s ongoing. The reason it is 9 and not 10 , is that the characters get a little too dumb (Also, I don’t like giving ten for reviews.)
I really recommend the story to anyone who wants a little break from tense moments and action cliffhangers(like Fairy Tail)

Anyway, here are some pictures that I hope will persuade you to give the manga a try-

Image result for oresama teacher funny
Haha. Trying to be ninjas.



Image result for oresama teacher funny
Ummm…. I just put this to show the way all characters are ..ahem… different.
Related image
Mafuyu’s idea of a disguise.
Related image
Mafuyu acting girly….*cough cough*
Like I said- bad disguises.
Related image
Typical Hayasaka kun


Seriously though, Please give it a try!

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