Comic con Experience of 2016

Okay. I was really, and I mean exceptionally really excited about this at first. After thinking of cosplaying as Hinata from Haikyuu, I decided to go as Karma from Assassination Classroom.
I had the red wig, the suit, everything was set and ready to go or so I thought…..My first mistake was booking a Xylo. It’s an SUV car and I had to sit back since my friends were coming too.

Image result for xylo interior
See that last seat? That’s where I ended up.

And I have car sickness.
Like just that wasn’t enough I had to use Set Wet to style my wig. I’m terribly allergic to strong perfumes and scents and in my standards , Set Wet positively stank.
My head started to feel heavy and all I could do was to try and not puke.Uugh.

Image result for anime girl disgusted

So when I reached the location, I had to change into normal clothes… A pity. I was looking forward to going as Karma-kun. Oh well, at least I wore a shirt with the fairy tale logo… and I’m not sixteen yet so I can’t enter the competition anyway.

Anyway, moving on to the good stuff, the anime pop mall finally had manga that I read and anime I like! Last year it was only Naruto, One Piece and Death Note. (I’m not saying they are bad, but I don’t love those like sports anime….)
This year they had Haikyuu! Yes!

Image result for mogami kyoko excited gif

To be honest I wanted every character keychain they had- Kuroko no Basuke, Haikyuu and Vocaloid… But they were five hundred bucks each, so I had to choose only one.

Image result for choice anime
Which one?!


I finally a file with all the Haikyuu characters on it!(sorry! No pic!)

Also people came cosplaying. Yay! Team rocket, soul eater, Gaara – as usual. No vocaloid or Haikyuu! Oh, I wish I had gone as Hinata- I didn’t find the orange wig, but I painted the shirt already…. There was batman, wolverine, hulk, iron man and some anime character none of our friends recognised.
The stalls were a lot of fun! There was a stall called Cucumber and Corn where two ladies were drawing and painting pictures and selling them. So pretty~
However I wasn’t allowed to buy those since my friends and my mom said that I should draw them myself instead. More work jeez.

Then we decided to take a break and eat ice cream at Stoner. I love ice cream. I wolfed down two with so much enthusiasm that the stall owner came up to make sure I wasn’t full. Poor guy, he didn’t know that I never get full with ice cream!

Image result for stoner ice cream ferrero crunch
Ferrero Crunch
Image result for stoner ice cream oreo


Yeah so I guess I did have fun after all!

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