My esteemed guest, prepare to dazzle and be dazzled!
Maybe you are here through another blogger’s post or perhaps you stumbled into this nook on the great wall of internet during a random expedition, but regardless of how and why, here’s to a great visit!

To make your tour and journey through Manga Toritsukareru Koto easy and organised, here is a guide to help you out!

Click on the titles to quickly jump to the tag of your choice~

Reviews and Recommendations

Reviewing manga and webtoons with discussions about themes and general digressions.

Analysis and Theories

The works of the last few brain cells we had left, spent theorising about stories, analysing plots and inventing scenarios.

Tags, Awards and Games

Blog tags and award answer posts with a healthy dose of stupid jokes.

Essays and Articles

Discussions about topics, themes and techniques used in media; talking about multiple titles together.


Our friends join us in our adventures to come up with posts of various kinds and formats.
More the people, more the fun!


In an effort to console the compulsive side, here lie lists.
Lists of top ‘n’, worst ‘n’, different titles to check out, lists, lists and more lists.

Chapter 0.5

Short asides to give a glimpse into the madhouse called our brain.


Posts about the monthly prompts given by OWLS.

Check out their site here


Celebratory posts, a.k.a, excitement about blogging milestones.

Updates and Other

Off topic posts on breaks, announcements and apologies for my lazy behind.

Things Too Random To Categorise

Odds and ends of the blog.

Best Of

Short series of two/three posts each, highlighting the best works of artists and genres that serve as the perfect starter sets.

Comparing Contrastingly

In a masochistic fit, we tie our hands to force ourselves to choose between a book and comic (manga/webtoon) and decide which is better.

Old Is Gold

With the true spirit of ‘Born Old’, we bring to spotlight old gems that took our breath away.

Food And A Good Read

As obviously indicated, we pick a snack and a completed series, perfect for a free weekend.

Sports Manga Monthly

Monthly talks and discussions about sports manga and other such in general.


As we go adventuring, we bring to you a special set of recommendations of our favourite obscure manga and webtoon that require fame or are on the way of their much deserved popularity.

The Index of Everything

All the posts of Manga Toritsukareru Koto in your hands, just a click away.


Our attempts at fan arts, stored away carefully.

Be free to join any discussion and rant at any time and hope you enjoy your stay!

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